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Join now and pledge your commitment to the Missouri Boys Alumni Association. Nearly 70,000 young men have past through the Missouri Boys State program. The association is growing by the day as we continue to find past attendees.


Benefits of Membership
Becoming a member of the MBS Alumni Association yields numerous benefits.

  • Members will become an official part of the MBS network of alumni. A well-established presence of alumni in all aspects of life exists throughout the state. Our younger members are able to take advantage by seeking personal advice and mentoring as they graduate high school, graduate college, apply to graduate school or enter the workforce.
  • The website allows members to stay connected with the program by gaining access to the Boys State event calendar.
  • Members will also have the benefit of knowing that their time and money will contribute to furthering the Boys State program and strengthening it’s network of past alumni.
  • Similar to the Missouri Boys State program, members will get out of the association what they put into it.

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